It is too late to mail in your ballots!

The Primary Election is an important way to make your voice heard! It’s where you’ll choose which Democrat will run to represent you in the State House for HD-12. Please cast your vote on June 26th, 2012! This year’s Primary Election is completely mail-in ballot, so make sure to double check that your registration and address information is correct.

Ballots must be at the County Clerks office, Drop off Site or Service Center by 7pm Tuesday, June 26th. Remember, a post mark does not guarantee your ballot will be counted in time for Election Day. Mike recommends people mail in their ballots by Thursday, June 21st – just affix a 45¢ stamp to your ballot and drop it in the mail. Beginning Friday, it is recommended you deliver you ballot to a service center or drop off location.

For a ride or assistance getting your ballot delivered, please contact Stephanie at 303-522-6861.