HB17-1006: Correct Statutory Citation In Rule Without Hearing SIGNED INTO LAW

HB17-1040: Interception Of Human Trafficking Communications SIGNED INTO LAW

HB17-1048: Prosecution Of Insurance Fraud SIGNED INTO LAW

HB17-1073: Enactment of CRS 2016 SIGNED INTO LAW

HB17-1136: Consistent Statutes For Electronic Filing Of Taxes PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1183: Mental Health Professional Disclosures Repeal Effect Clause PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1188: Harassment Sexual Orientation Or Disability PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1194Technical Changes For P-tech Schools SIGNED INTO LAW

HB17-1245: Relocate Title 12 Public Establishments PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1256: Oil And Gas Facilities Distance From School Property PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1288: Penalties For Felony DUI Offenders PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1305: Limits On Job Applicant Criminal History Inquiries PASSED HOUSE

HB17-1336: Additional Protections Forced Pooling Order

SB17-034: Disaster Emergency Transfers From County General Funds SIGNED INTO LAW

SB17-051: Revisions To Victims’ Rights Laws

SB17-083: Rule Review Bill

SB17-115: Law Enforcement Investigation of Sexual Exploitation SIGNED INTO LAW

SB17-138: Election Watchers

SB17-145: Electric Utility Distribution Grid Resource Acquisition Plan

SB17-189: Consumer Options In Fingerprint Background Checks SIGNED INTO LAW

SB17-226: Relocate Title 12 Regulation Of Financial Institutions

SB17-227: Relocate Title 12 Attorneys-at-law

HJR17-1005: Military Day 2017 PASSED

HJR17-1023: Trooper Taylor Thyfault Memorial Highway PASSED