Dear Friends

Thank you for visiting my website. I am honored to be your House District 12 State Representative and appreciate the opportunity to serve the communities of Louisville, Lafayette, and Longmont during the 2014 General Assembly.

This session is about rebuilding and moving Colorado forward. Colorado’s economy improved tremendously in 2013, aided by our focus on jobs and economic development. Of particular benefit to East Boulder County was the passage of the Advanced Industries Accelerator Act which helps high-tech, biotech, aerospace, and green energy companies, and our increasing commitment to small business assistance. Colorado created more jobs in 2013 than it had during any year over the last decade. Forecasts call for the same kind of growth in 2014. However, we must continue to improve the economy and this legislative session will see a similar focus on jobs bills.

Last year’s flooding tested us in unprecedented ways and we will be rebuilding for many years. I have been heavily involved in those efforts and will continue to be for as long as it takes. I served on the bipartisan Flood Disaster Study Committee and have introduced several bills to help our flood recovery and emergency response during the next disaster.

Please feel free to keep up on my legislative work by coming back to this website, signing up for my newsletter, attending my town halls, or stopping by my coffees every second Saturday of the month. Of course, you can contact me anytime with questions or your thoughts. Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you.