First elected to represent Colorado’s House District 12 in 2012, I am happy to serve on the House Finance Committee, the House State, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee, and the Committee on Legal Services.

As our 2014 session began on January 8, 2014, I am the primary sponsor or co-sponsor of the following bills:

HB14-1004: CDPS Emergency Management Entities and Disaster Assistance SIGNED INTO LAW

HB14-1013: Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program

HB14-1111: Allow Retired Volunteer Firefighters to Serve on Municipal Fire Department Pension Boards SIGNED INTO LAW

HB14-1260: Penalties for Sex Offenses Against a Child Under 12 SIGNED INTO LAW

HB14-1324: Damages for Crimes Against Pregnant Women

HB14-1356: Strengthen Penalty Authority of Oil & Gas Commission SIGNED INTO LAW

HB14-1388: Civil Damages for Unlawful Termination of Pregnancy SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-007: Allowing Counties To Use General Fund Money to Fix Damaged Roads and Bridges SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-062: Reinstatement of Parent-child Legal Relationship SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-098: Language on Crimes Against At-Risk Elders SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-138: Civil Immunity for Volunteers at Emergencies SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-179: Flood Debris Cleanup Grants SIGNED INTO LAW

SB14-197: Transportation Enterprise Transparency