First elected to represent Colorado’s House District 12 in 2012, I am happy to serve on the House Finance Committee, the House State, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee, and the Committee on Legal Services.

In 2013, I was a primary sponsor of the following bills:

HB13-1043: Modify of Definition of Deadly Weapon PASSED
HB13-1105: Energy Saving Mortgage Program PASSED
HB13-1148: Aggravating Enhancement Sentencing Provisions
HB13-1154: Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act PASSED
HB13-1267: Increase Maximum Penalty Oil and Gas Violations (read my Op-Ed here)
HB-1269: Reduce Conflict of Interest Oil and Gas Commission . (read my Op-Ed here)
SB13-171: Sunset Continue Licensing of Money Transmitters PASSED

I was also a co-sponsor on the following bills:

HB13-1001: Advanced Industries Acceleration Act PASSED
HB13-1003: Economic Gardening Pilot Project in Office of Economic Development PASSED
HB13-1004: Colorado Careers Act of 2013 PASSED
HB13-1005: Basic Ed and Career & Tech Ed Pilot Program PASSED
HB13-1011: Repeal Fee Veteran Driver License Identifier PASSED
HB13-1020: Testing Evidence of Sexual Assault PASSED
HB13-1024: State Income Tax Modification for Income Received Colorado Military Family Relief Fund PASSED
HB13-1077: Illegal Traffic Stops License Revocation Hearings PASSED
HB13-1119: Veteran’s Identification Card and Driver’s License PASSED
HB13-1135: Voter Preregistration at Age 16 PASSED
HB13-1136: Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement Act of 2013 PASSED
HB13-1138: Authorize Benefit Corporations PASSED
HB13-1139: Repeal Various Obsolete Entities PASSED
HB13-1146: ID Theft Victim CBI Records Challenge PASSED
HB13-1147: Voter Registration at Public Higher Ed Institutions PASSED
HB13-1163: Sexual Assault Emergency Payment Program PASSED
HB13-1165: Creation of Manufacturing Career Pathway PASSED
HB13-1193: Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program PASSED
HB13-1194: In-State Tuition for Military Dependents PASSED
HB13-1208: Incentives Offered by Creative Districts
HB13-1212: Local Authority to Form Job Creation Districts
HB13-1214: Felony for Repeat DUI Offenders
HB13-1228: Payments for Background Checks for Gun Transfers PASSED
HB13-1229: Background Checks for Gun Transfers PASSED
HB13-1230: Compensation for Persons Wrongly Incarcerated PASSED
HB13-1232: Warrior Transition Battalion Fishing Licenses PASSED
HB13-1237: Special Olympics Colorado Tax Checkoff PASSED
HB13-1240: Penalties for Persistent Drunk Drivers PASSED
HB13-1241: Statewide Automated Victim Notification System PASSED
HB13-1251: DNA Collection Misdemeanor Convictions
HB13-1254: Restorative Justice Pilot Program PASSED
HB13-1258: Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act PASSED
HB13-1261: Use of the Fort Lyon Correctional Facility Property
HB13-1268: Mineral Estate Disclosure Real Property Sale
HB13-1273: New Funding Local Governments Oil and Gas Impacts
HB13-1275: Front Range Oil and Gas Human Health Study
HB13-1278: Oil and Gas Releases Reporting PASSED
HB13-1288: Establish Statewide Uniform Sales and Use Tax Base PASSED
HB13-1291: Colorado Early Head Start Grant Program PASSED
HB13-1292: Keep Jobs in Colorado Act PASSED
HB13-1293: Governor to Create Executive Branch Climate Change Position PASSED
HB13-1295: Simplify Sales Tax for Marketplace Fairness Act PASSED
HB13-1303: Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act PASSED
HB13-1304: Unemployed Compensation Benefits Due to Lockout
HB13-1308: Cell Phone Info to Police in Emergency Situation PASSED
HB13-1309: Health Insurance Coverage for Breast Imaging
HB13-1316: Oil and Gas Commission Uniform Groundwater Sampling Rule
HB13-1320: Support for Meritorious Colorado Students PASSED
HB13-1323: Department of Corrections Clarification of Mittimus PASSED
SB13-007: Eliminate Repeal of CCJJ PASSED
SB13-011: Colorado Civil Union Act PASSED
SB13-033: Colorado ASSET PASSED
SB13-038: Emergency Provider and Rescue Unit Confidentiality PASSED
SB13-040: Complete Cemetery Expansion Homelake Military Veterans Cemetery PASSED
SB13-137: Improving Medicaid Fraud Detection PASSED
SB13-195: No On-line Training for Concealed Handgun Permits PASSED
SB13-195: No Firearms for Domestic Violence Offenders PASSED
SB13-198: Courts and Child Sexually Exploitive Material PASSED
SB13-213: Future School Finance Act PASSED
SB13-226: Creation of the Dog Protection Act PASSED
SB13-227: Protect Sexual Assault Victim From Contact with Father PASSED
SB13-230: 2013-14 Long Appropriations Bill PASSED
SB13-244: Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force PASSED
SB13-251: Driver’s License & Identification Documentation PASSED
SB13-252: Renewable Energy Standard PASSED